Punakawan – Board Game

punakawan-boardgame01A family board game that has successfully sold in limited edition, now available for any of you. With more compact size and wooden tokens, Punakawan board game is a valuable collection you can have.


We are proudly present our new Punakawan Board Game. With exclusive design and wood components, now you can join the fascinating story of our humble heroes to serve and guard the Pandava brothers and warriors of Hastinapura. Wayang is taken as the theme of the game, and the gameplay is basically designed for family. Either it is adults, kids, or teenagers, Punakawan surely gives enough challenge to be played.

Designer: Eko Nugroho
Artwork: Rio Fredericco
Papertoy: Faisal Azad

Players: 2-4
Age: 8+
Duration: 30 minutes

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