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hdvk-gofish-01GOfish 4 has Love as the theme. We have all experienced love first hand, given and returned. Yet, it remains difficult or even awkward to express either in words, deeds or actions. As the ancients realised, the truth is; there is no common denominator, no minimum standard, no rule of thumb. What works for one may not work for another. There are no certainties and it is this diversity that we have tried to reflect in this issue.


Over fifty artists from at least sixteen different countries appearing together in one journal of human expression. This is a mosaic of amorous emotion, passion, desire and love. The love for another person, animal or even an object, the love of a place, unrequited love. Enjoy.

GOfish is an independent creative arts magazine/journal founded in 2008 by Michael Agzarian and Missy Dempsey.
An alternative outlet for local and international artists, writers, photographers, illustrators and designers.

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