Faisal Azad

I’m a paper toys lover, which in daily work as a graphic designer at a small firm in the city of Bandung, Indonesia. Doing paper toys is a really fun hobby for me, where I can share free templates on the internet, so people around the world can assemble and feel the pleasure of paper toys,  and of course, I got so many new friends with paper toys. Many kinds paper toys that I have created, ranging from monsters to robots, from traditional themes to hip-hop themes.  I also joined several exhibitions and workshops with local and international designer, doing collaboration works with designers all around the world and contributing on several international books.

: smile [at] salazad.com
: smilesalazad [at] gmail.com
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The Books.

Contribution & Self-Published Books

The Events.

Workshop & Exhibition

Paper Toy & Pop-Out Show – Pink Hobo Gallery Minneapolis U.S Arts & Crafts Workshop – Parahyangan University Bandung Provocative Day – Jakarta, Provoke Magz & Binus Intl. Pameran Ekonomi Kreatif w/ Paper-Replika – Indonesia Creatifest w/ SMU 7 JKT (SevenLattern Crew) – Pendopo Kemang JKT IndoComtech 2009  w/ Paper Replika Indonesia – Jakarta Fab Fibe Show – Singapore Inspirasi Program – ImTV Bandung, Indonesia FOLD Magazine Offline:KopiDarat – Bandung, Indonesia Concept Magazine w/ PERI – Jakarta, Indonesia Youthphoria w/PERI – Unpar, Bandung Indonesia Jazz Craft w/ Peri – Bandung Bread &  Butter Tradeshow – Berlin – Germany w/ Ecko Unltd & Nick Knite Bandung Wayang Festival 2011 – Bandung / Kai Sadhana Expose Your Creativity – Jakarta / Indonesia Kreatif Mozilla Firefox 4 Party – Bandung / @id_mozilla

The Media.

Television, Magazine & E-Zine

Luna Magazine #16 – Germany II Love #2 – Croatia, Marko Zubak Kids Magz – Indonesia Grinspoon – Comeback (Music Video) – Australia MTV Indonesian Music Award II Love #4 – Croatia, Marko Zubak [20.12.09] Pikiran Rakyat Newspaper – Bandung, Indonesia SignMagz #3 – Ezine, Indonesia Inspirasi Program – ImTV Bandung, Indonesia Arti Magazine – Jakarta, Indonesia Republika Newspaper – Jakarta, Indonesia Radar Bandung Newspaper – Indonesia Tribun Jabar Newspaper- Indonesia Kompas Newspaper – Indonesia Papertoy! – Media Indonesia Abrupt Childishness – NewWebPick #28 HangOut Programme – STV Bandung National Geographic (Traveler) – Indonesia O Channel – Tv Programme – Jakarta, Indonesia ToyServed.com – Fresh Works from leading Creative Professionals CoolHunting.com – We Are Papertoys Mentalfloss.com – Paper to the People! Bisnis Indonesia Newspaper – Indonesia Warna Warni Show – Binus TV- Indonesia vinyleschiles.com – Salazad Papertoys thelittlechimpsociety.com – Bloxymark Papertoy freshcharacters.com – Robotoday One Cubed TV – Jakarta, Indonesia w/ PERI Pikiran Rakyat Newspaper / Khazanah Budaya – Bandung