Original Papertoy : Salazad
Collaboration : Kummara

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Health Campaign


“Promoting Health Through Gamification

Last week (8 May 2016), Kummara team consist of Eko, Rio and Augi joined Community & Health Oriented Programme class in Medical School of Universitas Islam Bandung (UNISBA). The team were asked to share about creative way in promoting health in front of the students and add gamification to it. Joining us as well is Faisal Azad, paper engineer specialized in papertoys.

After a brief explanation about health promotion and its challenge in 21st century from dr. Titik Respati, Mas Faisal shared about her expertise in making papertoys. For this occasion, he specially designed doctor and nurse papertoys to be used for the student. Next, Augi shared about how to use social media, especially Instagram, as the newest tool to promote healthcare. Last one, Rio shared about creative design to create persuasive poster.

At the end of the session, Eko challenged them to create engaging posts on Instagram to promote healthcare as a part of the gamification process. For a week, they will promote their post and then create a report on how their post can engage audience in promoting healthcare.”

source : Kummara