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Happy Play


Let’s play together with #happyplay ^_^ 20 cute finger-puppet papertoys …!

About HappyPlay :

The Happy Play program intends to facilitate patient and other people who might need special attention to bring all those positive impact of playing. We believe that when we play with them, we give them not only happiness, but also a wonderful time where they might forget about their illness, even their pain. Happy play program tries to emphasize the importance of playing in medical aspect and accelerating the recovery process.

Supported by more than 200 board games collection of Kummara Creative Studio (www.kummara.com), we held a routine playing session at the Pediatric clinic of Hasan Sadikin Hospital Bandung every two weeks. Since July where we start the program, we recruit some volunteers to help us teaching the kids to play those board games.

The board game session started at 9AM- 1 PM , as we starting up, we ask the patients around to play with us, for free. Other than game, we brought some colored pencils, drawing books, and some uncut paper toys. Kids also are happy to do some colorings and drawings.

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