Bondy - The Mummy (Halloween Costume Party)


Bondy is a fun-loving and active boy who loves to play soccer and dress up for Halloween. This year, he decided to go as a mummy, and he pulled off the costume perfectly.

Bondy’s mummy costume was simple yet effective. He wore a white sheet that was wrapped around his body and head in a bandage-like fashion. He also used black makeup to create dark circles around his eyes and to make his face look more pale. To complete the look, he carried a pair of fake bandages in his hands.

Bondy was the hit of the Halloween party. He ran around with his friends, playing soccer and scaring everyone with his creepy mummy moves. He even won first prize in the costume contest.

At the end of the night, Bondy was tired but happy. He had had a great time at the party, and he was proud of his mummy costume. He couldn’t wait to wear it again next year.

Original Papertoy : Salazad

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