Franky - The Monster (Halloween Costume Party)


Franky is the Frankenstein monster of the Halloween party! He’s got green skin, stitches all over his body, and a lightning bolt scar on his neck. But don’t let his appearance fool you – Franky is actually a brilliant scientist with a passion for chemistry. He’s always in the lab, cooking up new concoctions and making discoveries.

Franky is a bit of a loner, but he’s always happy to talk about science with anyone who will listen. He’s also a great friend, and he’s always there for his friends when they need him.

Tonight, Franky is at the Halloween party to show off his costume and to have a little fun. But he’s also here to meet new people and to talk about science. So if you see him, be sure to say hello and ask him about his latest experiment. You might just learn something new!

Original Papertoy : Salazad

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