Minimimmo Around The World!

Actually this not my creation,  this is the first papertoy that i build and published in minimimmo official site ^__^

About Minimimmo :
“It helps minimimmo to colonize the Earth”
is a project that has as objective the dissemination of a new peaceful species on our planet, through the help of all those who want to help.
Contribute does not cost anything …
Minimimmo you can download it from this site, where you can find all the information to mount (print cut fold).
But the site also and above all the task of documenting the progressive colonization through the material that you send us, photos, videos, etc …
Minimimmo can exist, can colonize the land only with your help. There are no prizes, it’s not a competition, it is much more, is that it has contributed to the peaceful invasion of a new species!

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