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Ondel - Ondel Betawi

Nusantara Papertoys

One form shows the Betawi people who often displayed in people’s parties are ondel-ondel. It seems playing ondel-ondel ancestor or ancestors who always keep their grandchildren or a resident of a village. Ondel-ondel the form of a large doll that is about ± 2.5 m with a diameter of ± 80 cm, made of woven bamboo is prepared in such a way that easily carried from it. Part of the face mask or a mask, with a head of hair made from palm fiber. Ondel-ondel faces of men in red paint, while the women painted in white color. These forms show many similarities to those in several other areas.

In Pasundan known as Badawang, in Central Java Beans called Barongan, while in Bali is known as Barong Landung. According to estimates of the show’s been around since before the spread of Islam in Java.

Ondel-ondel original function as a repellent reinforcements or interruption of wandering spirits. Today ondel-ondel is usually used to add colorful folk festivals or for welcoming guests of honor, such as the inauguration of the new building completed. No matter how swift currents of modernization, ondel-ondel still survive and become trimmer face the Jakarta metropolitan city.