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Kuda Lumping

Nusantara Papertoys

Among the traditional dances of Java (indonesia) are a number of trance dances. Kuda Lumping is one of these trance dances, in which masks for spirit character and flat woven bamboo horses are the main props. The dance is about the battle of good and evil, with the horse riding characters into a trance where they behave like horses.

When the dancer has going into a trance, then they can eat a lamp without feeling hurt.

Kuda Lumping is a very popular West Javanese (Indonesia) dance. It is dances by four or eight pairs of men who pretend to ride on imitation horses made of woven bamboo. It is a remant of old dances that we ecstatic and warlike in nature. In Cirebon the dance called kuda lumping and the music accompanying it is the gamelan. In Bandung it is called kuda kepang and is accompanied by bamboo angklung instruments. There is also kuda lumping in Bandung accompanied by the terbang (tambourine), kendang (drum) and Sundanese trumpet.