Original Papertoy : Salazad
Minisite : Papertoy Monsters

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Icy Huggy and Wingy Wingy

Monster Papertoys

My contribution for the Papertoy Monsters Book :

Icy Huggy
Icy Huggy is a long-bearded snow monster from the Himalayan mountains, where on a Mountain of ice and lives in a cave. Icy is friendly,  he can run fast and jump with his huge legs from peak to peak. His favorite hobby is singing Icy is neither gruesome nor a snow man, but he gladly puts himself in the snow and make snow angels. Do not be alarmed if you see Icy Huggy. Give him an apple, and you’re friends for life.

Wingy Wingy
Wingy Wingy is a happy-go-lucky little winged monster from a cave in somewhere in Southeast Asia, who’s main goal in life is to inspire people with love. With her superb night vision, Wingy enjoys wandering around the backyards of the houses in her village, when the world is most peaceful, chasing fireflies and blowing bubbles up to the stars, while snacking on strawberry ice with rainbow sprinkles.
The young human girls in her village enjoy spending time with Wingy Wingy because she will sit on their shoulders and whisper sweet stories in their ears, sing them songs, and laugh at their jokes. On occasion, she flies up to the treetops and brings down gifts for her friends: pinecones, beautiful leaves, and little vine-covered sticks. Wingy Wingy loves all creatures, except for the slow loris, whose eyes give her the creeps.