In a bustling city, lived a glass of water named Hydrato. Unlike his single-use brethren, destined for a quick gulp and discard, Hydrato was a permanent resident in the home of a vibrant young woman named Maya. He wasn’t just any glass of water; he was crafted from recycled glass, imbued with a gentle kindness that shimmered like the sunlight filtering through his crystal-clear form.

Hydrato wasn’t content with just quenching Maya’s thirst. He possessed an almost spiritual connection to water’s life-giving properties. Every morning, Maya would find him serenely perched on the window sill, catching the first rays of dawn. A tiny wisp of steam would curl from his surface, a sign of his daily meditation ritual.

Throughout the day, Hydrato’s gentle voice, a soft tinkling like wind chimes, would chime reminders. “Maya, have a sip, stay hydrated!” he’d chime when she got engrossed in work. He’d even extend his concern to visitors. A mailman, wiping his brow after a long walk, would be met with, “Excuse me, sir, would you like a refreshing sip?”

Hydrato’s kindness wasn’t limited to verbal reminders. He possessed an almost magical ability to appear precisely when needed. Maya, feeling a pre-workout slump, would reach for him, only to find him already waiting by the yoga mat. A friend, complaining of a headache, would be surprised to see Hydrato materialize on the table, beside a plate of pain-relieving fruits.

News of Hydrato’s kindness spread throughout the city. People marveled at the talking water glass, some even attributing his sentience to mystical properties. Maya, however, knew better. It was simply the inherent goodness of water, personified in her unique, reusable companion.

Hydrato, despite his newfound fame, remained humble. His greatest joy came from seeing the smiles on people’s faces after a refreshing sip, or the look of relief in their eyes when a headache subsided. He knew that within each of them resided a tiny spark, just like the one that gave him his voice, and all they needed was a little hydration to keep it glowing brightly.

Original Papertoy : Salazad

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