Tari Merak - Peacock Dance


The Peacock Dance, or Tari Merak, is a traditional dance from West Java, Indonesia. It is a relatively new dance, having been created in the 1950s by Raden Tjetje Somantri, a Sundanese artist and choreographer. Somantri was inspired by the beauty and grace of the peacock, and he created a dance that captures the essence of this magnificent bird.

The Peacock Dance is performed by a female dancer who wears a costume that resembles a peacock. The costume has a large, colorful skirt that represents the peacock’s tail feathers. The dancer also wears a headdress with peacock feathers.

The dance itself is a series of graceful movements that mimic the peacock’s movements. The dancer’s arms and hands represent the peacock’s wings, and her legs and feet represent the peacock’s feet. The dancer also uses her eyes and facial expressions to convey the peacock’s emotions.

The Peacock Dance is a popular dance in Indonesia, and it is often performed at festivals, cultural events, and weddings. It is also a popular dance for tourists to watch.

The Peacock Dance is a beautiful and elegant dance that is a celebration of the natural world. It is a dance that is both visually stunning and emotionally moving.

Original Papertoy : Salazad
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