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Gatot Kaca

Wayang Papertoys

Gatotkaca who had ability to fly was the air force of Pandawa, his powerful magic blows had victimized a lot of Kurawa fighters. He led an army of giant from his own kingdom – Pringgodani.

Raden Gatot Kaca or Gatot Kaca, He is also called prince Purabaya, Bima and Arimbi’s son. When he was born, he was named the powerful ‘Jabang Tutuka’. No weapon could cut his umbilical cord. When  Dipati Karna’s weapon went into Jabang Tutuka’s stomach, it increased his supernatural power. In the Bratayuda War his weakness was only known by Adipati Karna. He is a symbol frontline defender and is always ready in the sky.

The three magical weapon of Gatot Kaca :
First pilot license is named “Kotang Antakusuma” that can make Gatotkaca fly quickly without supersonic explosion. Second prize is a hat called “Caping Basunanda”, which has magical power that not feel hot when the heat and the rain does not get wet. Third prize, in the form of shoes “In Kacarma” who have not will be damned although across regions haunted.