Halloween Costume Party Papertoy

On this spooky Halloween night, a group of friends gathered to celebrate in their most creative costumes. Astra, the wizard girl, wore a flowing black cloak and hat, with a broomstick in her hand. Roderick, the vampire boy, had on a black cape and fangs, with his hair slicked back. Bondy, the mummy boy, was wrapped in white gauze, with his eyes peeking out from behind the bandages. Franky, the Frankenstein boy, had stitches all over his body and a green face. Katty, the cat girl, had on a red catsuit with furry ears and tail. Miyu, the skull girl, had her face mask painted white with black eye sockets. Lumia, the white ghost boy, was dressed in a white sheet with holes cut out for his eyes. Morgan, the pirate boy, had a pirate hat on his head and an eye patch. Wingky, the pumpkin girl, wore an orange pumpkin dress with a green stem hat. And Wolfie, the werewolf boy, had on a furry brown costume with sharp teeth and claws.

These ten friends are always up for a good time, and they love nothing more than getting together for a Halloween costume party. They spend hours planning their costumes and picking out the perfect candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters. When the night of the party finally arrives, they’re always ready to have a blast. They dance, they sing, they eat candy, and they tell ghost stories.

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