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“Abrupt Childishness ” NewWebPick #28

Have you ever had the feeling of running to the park just to go down the slides?
Have you ever secretly wanted to buy every kind of candy offered at the local candy store?
Have you ever wanted to run through sprinklers on a hot summer day?
Have you ever thought about where this abrupt childishness came from?
Somewhere inside or were you provoked?
Maybe inside the magazine you’ll find something that will awaken your childish self.
Maybe you wont.

Joka (Argentina) / Afrix (Poland) / Carolina Rivello (Brazil) / ED Batista (Brazil) / Fernando Salazar (USA) / Fernando Volken Togni (Brazil) / LGhuang (China)

===Winning  design===
International Football Design Competition

===Abrupt Childishness===
Bozi (China) / Jongmin Kim (South Korea) / Manish Ramloll (Belgium) / nimo-design (China) / Oriol Bedia (Spain) / Paul (Russia) / Sal Azad (Indonesia) / Sicksystems (Russia)

===Super Pick===
ARG estudio design (Portugal) / Dawid (Poland) / PAL (China) / Su Yue (China) / Suz Sanchez (Spain) / sxr-pww (China) / Carlos Ortiz (Colombia)

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